Parmi les side projects de Balthazar, J. BERNARDT s'apprête lui aussi a frapper un grand coup en solo. Le bonhomme séduit pourtant là où on ne l'attend pas avec un R&B moderne et minimaliste aux influences electro et soul.


GLINTS,­ brainchild of J.M. Lemmens,­ is born out of a love for language, luscious sentences, and sincere music. Lemmens grew up in Belgium, but spent his summers with his nephews and aunt in Effingham, near Guildford, and a stones’ throw from London. Hanging around, smoking their first cigarettes and drinking their first beers together, he was reared on that near-Cockney accent from a young age. 

Combined with a knack for minimalism and experiment, that proved to be a fertile breeding ground for the creation of a sound that combines elements of hip­hop, electronic music, and pop. In his own words, the project “sets out to titillate the senses whilst reinstating the importance of poetic quality in lyrics”. 

After the release of a debut EP and explosive tracks “Sirens” and the canonical “Dread” in late 2015, Glints went on a tour throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and shared stages with Jamie XX, Everything Everything, and Years & Years, among many others. In homeland Belgium and neighbor the Netherlands, Glints is already considered a big promise for the future: Red Bull Elektropedia awarded Glints ‘Most Promising Artist’ after only four tracks, Ancienne Belgique took the act in as an Artist in Residence, and national press, radio, even Noisey and Disco Naïveté have labeled him as an act to watch out for in the near future.

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